Artwork by James Douglass Haley

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Art Gallery

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      This web site features a small sample of artwork in a variety of different media by James Douglass Haley. As the son of Tuskeegee Airman Col. George J. Haley, I literally grew up on the flightline of Air Force Bases around the world. I specialize in Aviation Photography and Aviation Photographic Collages. I also work with a wide variety of other artistic media including Painting, Paper Collages, Computer Digital Artwork, Animation, Audio Recording, Videography, Calligraphy, and Pen & Ink Drawings. I conducted research for my thesis examining Juror decision making behavior using a courtroom in Multnomah County, Oregon contaning six concealed remotely controlled video cameras which I operated from an editing console. While teaching broadcast video production at DCTV, Washington DC's public access television facility, I created Washington DC's first interactive television channel which was on the air twenty four hours a day for several years. Working with audio and video production, I'm currently running Artistic Apocalypse, my A / V production company. I've created a variety of Artistic, Music, Scientific, and Commercial Videos, Documentaries, 3D Animated Features, and Public Service Announcement's.

I encourage you to call, write, or e-mail me concerning Exhibitons, Sales, Commissions, and A / V production assignments.

To contact the Artist: JAMES DOUGLASS HALEY 3228 OLIVER ST., NW, WASHINGTON, DC, 20015 (202)-966-8760

E-Mail: or and Visit the WPA ARTFILE:

Air & Space Museum (Photographic Collage)

PB-Y Catalina Flying Boat (Photographic Collage)

From the Pterodactyl Through Man's Journey Into Space (Photographic Collage)

AH-64 Apache (Photographic Collage)

Curtis P-40 (Photographic Collage)

Vought F4-U Corsair (Photographic Collage)

Mitsubishi Zero (Photographic Collage)

Boeing C-17 (Photographic Collage)

U.S.A.F. C-25 Lear Jet (Photographic Collage)

Boeing C-135 A.W.A.C.S. (Photographic Collage)

Mankind Balanced On The Threshold Of Space (Photographic Collage)

Aviation History (Photographic Collage)

Flight Throughout History (Photographic Collage)

F-22 & B-2 (Photographic Collage)

Blue Angels (Photographic Collage)

British Aerospace Technology's Experimental Gamble (Photographic Collage)

Art Invitations (Paper Collage)

Computer Madness 01 (Paper Collage)

Computer Madness 02 (Paper Collage)

Computer Madness 03 (Paper Collage)

Computer Madness 04 (Paper Collage)

Computer Madness 05 (Paper Collage)

Computer Madness 06 (Paper Collage)

Marshall Quadraphonia (Photographic Collage)

Octagon (Photographic Collage)

Black & Blonde (Photograph)

Ra's Pyramid (Bryce 3D)

Gravity's Rainbow (Bryce 3D)

Approaching Nirvana (Digital Painting)

An Event Horizon At The Entrance To A Black Hole (Digital Art)

African American Slavery, Injustice, Inequality, and the continuing struggle for freedom (Digital Art)